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Dental Implants

It is estimated that millions of people suffer tooth loss due to tooth decay, periodontal disease, or injury every year. Fillings and root canal treatment help repair damaged teeth, but what would your options be if you have lost teeth? As a result of engineering advances and enhancements to dental treatments throughout the industry, dental implants are now widely used to replace missing teeth and other dental conditions.

There is nothing more valuable than your smile. Dr Fung a certified implant dentist in Old Tappan, will help you to regain your smile in just a few visits, giving you long-lasting, natural results that will make you proud to flaunt your smile.

What Are Dental Implants?

An implant is an artificial tooth root used to support the restoration of a missing tooth or teeth. The procedure is ideal for preventing or reducing jaw bone loss and restoring the appearance of your smile. With the capacity to restore a patient's teeth to normal function, comfort, speech, and health with long-lasting results, dental implants in Old Tappan at Precision Dentistry have gained a lot of popularity. Our implants consist of both the titanium metal post and the custom prosthetic tooth.

The implant is inserted and fixed into the jawbone. Dental implants form a strong foundation for the placement of replacement teeth, whether they are fixed or removable. Their design closely resembles natural teeth, and they can even protect against future infections.

In addition to being a safe and well-established treatment, implants are highly effective. Much like natural teeth, implants are likely to last for as long as they are appropriately cared for.

Ideal Candidates for Dental Implants Treatment in Old Tappan:

Gum health and the absence of infections or dental problems are critical for the procedure. It is also essential that the candidate has sufficient bone density to support and anchor the implant. Therefore, a strong jaw is vital. Even if your jawbone has deteriorated due to bone loss, you may still be able to receive an implant through bone grafting procedures.

The ideal candidate would be at an age at which their jaw has stopped developing. Dental implants in Old Tappan are not recommended in children because their bones are still growing, and the implants could affect the natural teeth' growth and placement.

Exemplary oral hygiene practices are critical to maintaining your implants. To maintain the health of the implants and mouth, a good candidate must brush and floss daily and schedule routine follow-up appointments with our dentists. Our specialized implant dentist may also suggest you to modify your lifestyle to protect the implant, like giving up smoking.

Treatment Process of Dental Implants in Old Tappan:

  1. A dental implant procedure begins with the development of an individual treatment plan. Our dentist will conduct an examination and review your dental record. Additionally, the team at Precision Dentistry may recommend additional procedures or therapies if necessary before the surgery.

  2. A titanium post, which serves as the tooth implant, is inserted into the missing tooth's bone socket. As the jawbone heals in the next 6 to 12 weeks, it grows around the implanted metal post, ensuring its stability. Healing period may be longer depending on the case.

  3. Following the bonding of the implant to the jawbone, a small connector attachment or an abutment is attached to the post to secure the new tooth.

  4. Replacement teeth or crowns are designed based on a model of your natural teeth and attached to the abutment by our skilled implant dentist. Moreover, our dentist will ensure that your new teeth match the color of your natural teeth, so they do not stand out.

There is minimal discomfort or pain associated with dental implants in Old Tappan. The procedure may be performed under local anesthesia, and most patients report that implants are less painful than tooth extractions.

You could use this procedure to replace one or more teeth. They may be permanent or easily removable. You could even use it to anchor your denture. Since the implant is anchored in the jawbone, the replacement teeth mimic your natural teeth' appearance, function, and feel.

Benefits of Dental Implants Treatment in Old Tappan:

It is beneficial to get dental implants for several reasons:

  • Enhanced appearance and greater self esteem can be achieved as dental implants look and feel identical to natural teeth.
  • Implants will improve the quality of speech by filling in missing gaps. Dentures that fit poorly and cause mumbling or slurring speech, which can be avoided with implants.
  • You would not have to experience the discomfort of dentures and bridges or the gap between your teeth.
  • Your chewing and biting ability will improve when your tooth is replaced. Dentures make consumption inconvenient. It would also be possible to avoid any restrictions on food or drink consumption otherwise associated with the placement of dentures. You can eat food you enjoy with confidence and without pain.
  • You will feel more confident as you regain your smile through dental implants.
  • Implants are highly durable and are expected to last for many years. When properly cared for, many implants are capable of lasting a lifetime.
  • Dental implants in Old Tappan are convenient and efficient. It adds to your youthful appearance by supporting your facial structure. Dental implants ensure that your face will not change shape over time by providing the same support for your face as your natural teeth.
  • Implants can maintain the health of your jawbone and protect it from deteriorating.
  • It is easy to maintain implants as you do not need to use any special cleaning or maintenance products.
  • It is possible to achieve incredibly natural-looking results with dental implants.

Visit Our Implant Dentist in Old Tappan:

Taking care of your oral health and revitalizing your smile is possible with dental implants in Old Tappan at Precision Dentistry. A properly cared-for dental implant can last long. Regular oral hygiene is necessary, and we recommend that you visit your dentist twice a year.

It is no longer necessary to be concerned with the appearance and function of your teeth. Our advanced technology can help restore your desired smile using state-of-the-art techniques. If you are interested in scheduling a dental implant consultation, please do not hesitate to contact our office today!

Please refer to the following link for more information regarding dental implants:

American Academy of Implant Dentistry – What are Dental Implants?

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