Dentures in Old Tappan

Full and Partial Dentures

When most of the natural teeth have been lost or extracted, dentures provide a substitution for natural teeth. Whether their support is combined with dental implants or crown attachments, dentures can create a natural and healthy looking smile and restore function. As well, a properly fitting set of dentures can greatly enhance facial features by providing lip support therefore diminishing aging signs in the lower third of the face.

Complete Denture, Partial Dentures, and Snap-On Dentures (Over Dentures, Implant-retained Dentures)

Many types of dentures exist, including complete and partial dentures. Complete dentures are used when no natural teeth remain. If multiple teeth need to be extracted, patients are typically fitted with temporary transitional dentures until the permanent set of dentures have been completed. Partial dentures are prepared in much the same way as a complete set, and are utilized when only a few teeth are remaining.

Beautiful Comfortable Dentures

These are not your mother’s dentures. New materials can be custom blended to your skin, hair and eye color to look as if you were born with perfect teeth. Choices of no-metal, flexible dentures, as well as porcelain teeth, are available. Dentures can also be replaced or relined to correct problems with aging jaws so you can chew without discomfort again.

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Our Dental Services

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Our dental office offers a range of gentle but highly effective dentistry services that aren’t common, but they should be! With them, we can uplift your smile using the latest, proven techniques.